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Pledge of our successful work are the competent management, constantly growing professional level of experts and special atmosphere of mutual understanding, mutual aid, goodwill, command spirit, which has traditionally developed in our collective and became one of the main corporate purposes of the company.

Our aims

Strong, known brand of our Company. The basis of our development is not only financial result, but also our reputation. We put in it all our will. Expansion of a spectrum of quality services including an individual approach to requirements of each client. We put the ambitious purposes, we accept new affairs and we reach results.

Moral values and principles

Business fidelity. We are betrayed to the common business. Each of employees aspires to achievement of overall aims of the Company.

Team Working. We work together, in one solid team. We build dialogue with colleagues and clients on respect and mutual understanding principles. We consider our employees, as the main capital of the Company. We apply and we impart to our colleagues knowledge and skills, which we get. The success of the Company depends on our professional level. We give enough time to self-education and personal growth. If our colleague has got into a difficult situation, we will always try helping him, without reproaching him thus. Having got into a difficult situation, we ask colleagues for help, without reproaching for refusal. It is not accepted to discuss, ignore and conceal problems or to discuss them behind backs, without pronouncing them particularly and aloud. It is possible to find the decision to any problem. We follow a principle: if there is a problem – we discuss it – we search the solution – we solve problem. Our financial condition directly depends on a financial condition of the Company. As all of us work, and we receive.

Orientation to the client. We aspire to understand and satisfy all requirements of our clients as much as possible. Our clients - are basis of our success. Each client for us – is unique. If we can't satisfy inquiry of the client in time, we inform it that he knew his importance to us.

Responsibility. We are responsible in front of our clients and business partners for results of our work and quality of given services. For us it is obligatory to fulfill our promises and obligations. We incur responsibility for creation of the humane business focused on people. We incur responsibility for an establishment of such mutual relations, which will be opened, kind and will create such environment of work, which we imagine. We are responsible in front of society – for our contribution in development of economy of Ukraine.

Honesty and trust. All our actions are based on trust. Strong teams – are based on a trust and responsibility principle. What unites a stylish team? Concrete people, the professionals working fairly and responsibly, people to whom the Company trusts. It is accepted shows consideration for another's opinion. In dialogue for us the main thing is to respect personal advantage of our colleagues. We appreciate goodwill and mutual respect at the decision of any questions. We place emphasis on potential, creative abilities of our colleagues. We treat people the way we would like them to treat us. We involve new employees, clients, business partners into philosophy and values of our Company. We never respond badly about our company, our employees, our clients and competitors.

We know that following the general arrangements protects and develops our business, unites our Company in one big family and gives the chance to our families to become richer and to receive pleasure from working process.

We follow the CORPORATE CODE according to the general arrangement. We can make changes and additions to our CODE if it brings additional advantage of the Company and to its employees.